Richard Bunting

Communications & Campaigns International

Richard Bunting

Communications & Campaigns International

Broadcast interviews are opportunities to deliver your message to thousands - or even millions - of people and to present your organisation in a positive way. On the other hand, getting it wrong can damage image and reputation.

Our training courses include group and individual coaching for all levels, and are tailored to your experience. They are led by seasoned journalists and media practitioners with many years of experience of broadcast interviews - both behind and in front of the camera or microphone. Courses and workshops can range from one hour to several days.

We have trained spokespeople for United Nations Development Programme, UNAIDS, Amnesty International, Action for Children, Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, InSafe, European Commission, Resolution, InHope and others.

Our courses include media relations, broadcast interviews, writing media materials, developing key messages, and organising photo opportunities and press conferences. We also facilitate meetings and events.

We can help you to:

     •         Understand the media and its needs

     •         Think strategically about your communications and campaigning work

     •         Develop and deliver effective, high-impact messages

     •         Have confidence to deliver effective interviews

     •         Manage crisis situations and protect and develop your organisation’s reputation


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